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Why a good logo is important (even for small businesses)!

Why a good logo is important (even for small businesses)!
A logo, whether good or bad, represents your company on many levels. For a start, without a logo it would be impossible for your customers to identify you from anyone else. Everyone has strong opinions regarding their favourite brand. These opinions are more often than not emotional than rational. With some brands (for example Nike and Coca-Cola) customers form an emotional attachment, often to the point that they disregard better products for the ones with higher visibility and brand recognition. Some brands even become synonymous with the product they represent and the consumer starts recognising the product by its brand name - for example Hoover or Biro. It is therefore of the utmost importance that every company, especially small businesses, have a sound brand strategy and a strong brand identity with a unique identifiable logo. Having a great logo helps small business in lots of ways. A few of the...
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