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Why does great design equal more customers?

You could be forgiven for thinking that high quality design would only be of benefit to bigger companies, the Coca Cola's and Nike's of this world, but you would be wrong. Having a consistent and professional identity is just as important for small and medium size businesses. A good logo is crucial for getting the right message across to your customers and competitors, and good general design is equally important. 

The subject of design is huge, and we only have the space to cover a small bit of it here, but for all businesses, no matter what size, the key is consistency. Consistency means that you become recognisable as a company before you have even delivered your message. 

Recognition in the market place is of vital importance to your company's success. The old adage goes, "people buy from people", and this is true whether you are dealing with companies or individuals. The more recognised you are, the more comfortable people will be buying from you. Large corporations spend millions on this concept because it works. For example, Microsoft is the best known brand in the PC arena, but they may not necessarily offer the best solution. However they are what people know and so they continue to buy. 

Take a look at your stationery, your business cards, your adverts or brochures and your website, is it obvious that they all belong to the same company? Does the style, colours, fonts and layout match across the board?

Or is everything different? If the latter, then now (when getting your share of the market is more crucial than ever) might be the time to have a design review and make a change that could have huge impact on your company's future success.

Why a good logo is important (even for small busin...

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